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Jany Jansem has been active in the Parisian art scene since his childhood. He is the son of the painter Jean Jansem and his wife Simé Jansem, founder in 1969 of the gallery Gravure Matignon, then in 1977 of the Galerie Matignon. In the early 1970s, he began his career at the Galerie Maurice Garnier where he worked closely with Maurice Garnier and the artist Bernard Buffet. In the 1980s, Jany Jansem developed the international activities of Galerie Matignon before founding Galerie 10, specialized in contemporary art, on rue des Beaux-Arts in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. In 2005, he returned to the Galerie Matignon, traditionally dedicated to the artist Jansem and post-war French art, and opened it to the work of living artists, visual artists, painters, designers, sculptors, photographers, recognized or emerging. Since September 2016, the gallery has closed, but Jany Jansem continues to work as a merchant, collections manager, notably that of Nicolas Buffet, Bernard Buffet’s son, and advisor in the purchase and sale of works of art to private and institutional clients.


Jany Jansem specializes in the work of Bernard Buffet, Jean Jansem and Raoul Dufy. He also features works by modern and post-war artists such as Julio Gonzalez, Georges Mathieu, Picasso and Le Corbusier. He has represented contemporary artists for many years and still continues to sell works by Sophie Boullet, Eveline Boulva, Kongo, Claude Gaspari, Francis Giacobetti, Eric Lepoureau, Pascal Teffo and Joy de Rohan Chabot.


With over 40 years of experience, a deep knowledge of the French artistic community and an extensive network in France and abroad, Jany Jansem provides collectors with personal service and expertise in all areas of collecting.
He offers a service for the management and valorization of collections, including evaluation, advice on purchase and/or sale of works in order to improve the collection, assistance to confirmed collectors or beginners, and assistance in all operations such as certification, insurance, transportation and relations with galleries and museums.


Using an extensive network of art industry professionals and private collectors, Jany Jansem is apt at finding the best artworks. He collaborates, in France and abroad, with museums and numerous galleries and participates in art fairs. His professional network extends from France to Europe, the United States and Canada, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa.


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